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«... Legal security is an effective counteraction to safety threats in all spheres of action legal means.

Concept of legal security.

Legal safety, as well as everyone other, should be determined through more general concept of safety. That is contained in the Law of the Russian Federation «About safety» according to which safety is «a condition of security of the vital interests of the person, societies and the states from internal and external threats»

… In many accepted laws directed on safety in concrete spheres of ability to live, this determination in a basis remains, being filled with that or other specific maintenance depending on sphere of relations.

… In the homeland security Concept the understanding of safety as the conditions, received in security of social values from external and internal threats is proclaimed.

… the Constitution of the Russian Federation contains mentions of safety: ecological (item 72), safety of people (item 98), state security (item 114). But it is valid no more than mentions. As one of the basic social and legal categories of the constitutional status and hasn't received safety.

... The Characteristic of legal safety is determined, how a condition of legal security of the vital interests of the person (a society and the state), as from external, and internal threats (incompleteness and discrepancy of legal regulation of separate kinds of the relations ensuring safety of the person; total absence in the legislation of priorities of social values; legal neediness of events; judicial red tape because of which the person loses desire to have legal proceedings, protect the rights etc.)

... As Initial parcels for such understanding of legal safety serve item 2 and item 18 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation according to which the person, its rights and freedom are the higher social value, fill sense, the maintenance and application of laws, activity of bodies legislative, the executive authority, local self-government and justice. All this complex of the constitutional requirements represents not that other, as legal provision of the rights and freedom, the vital interests of the person, i.e. legal safety.»

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Magazine "the Right and safety", 2006г.