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Our organization gives the close consultation arranged by method accessible to you, including with the description of accurate algorithm of actions in case of need for the maximum possibility of the decision of your question.

To receive legal advice bureau to you it is necessary to fill the request short having stated an essence of a problem and to pay, if consultation is subject to payment, including taking into account granting of a discount for the settlement account of our agency. Our specialists within three working days will contact you, will agree with time of consultation convenient for you, and also, if necessary, will specify the list of documents for peak efficiency of the decision of your problems. If it is necessary for you to receive consultation urgently (within days) I ask to specify it in the request.

Consultation cost depends on availability of an existing problem and possibility of its decision. To disabled from childhood, invalids of the Second World War, parents-singles, and also children-orphans, without parental support and the consultation states on questions concerning a social assistance appear free of charge; discounts are given to all persons having social privileges for consultation.

the Surname, the Name, the Patronymic:
Date of birth, age:
Home address, phone (if is):
Consultation question (I ask to state short an essence of your problem):
List of documents available for you on the set question for necessity of granting of accuracy of consultation:
Consultation kind (orally at a meeting, in writing, including by a direction of the electronic answer, a direction of the answer to the address specified by you, or transfer of the written answer directly at a meeting):
Promptness of reception of consultation and necessity of registration of the written contract:
№ and date of the document of payment about consultation payment (requisites see in section About us...):
Availability of social privileges at the applicant for consultation reception free of charge or at a discount (a privilege kind, № and date of issue of the document on reception of privileges who gives out the document and for what term is given a privilege):
Specify for communication contact phone or the e-mail address:
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