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• legal consultations concerning realization of business and consultation on general questions of the business accounting and the taxation (including by giving of the online request for consultation),
• support of corporate transactions:
1. Registration of purchasing/sale (share) of business,
2. Development of schemes of movement of shares of societies,
3. Preparation of constituent documents, modification of constituent documents, registration in Inspection of Federal Tax Service.
• support of participation in tenders on the basis of ФЗ-94 «About order placement on deliveries of the goods, accomplishment of works, rendering of services for the state and municipal needs»
1. The help in preparation and a direction of application forms for participation in the declared inquiries of quotations, competitions,
2. Regular mailings on the electronic address about the beginning in the Russian Federation (or in certain subjects of the Russian Federation) the conducted auctions by kinds of economic activities of the company,
3. The appeal of results of the auctions en face and judicial instances.
• legal support of economic transactions:

1. Project development of contracts,
2. Participation and negotiation at the conclusion of transactions,
3. The control of execution of economic transactions on terms, including by a direction electronic and written notices,
4. Preparation of claims, statements of claim about non-execution of treaty obligations.
• representation in judicial instances:
1. On tax disputes, questions of debit and creditor indebtedness, questions of work of liquidation committees, representation on administrative disputes, origin of various kinds of requirements, including as recourse or on vindications to claims etc.,
2. The appeal of actions (failure to act) of the state, municipal bodies, other organizations (public officials),
3. The constitutional court of the Russian Federation, the Strasbourg court (ЕСПП).
• work with Rospatent:
1. The description of trade marks and service marks,
2. Preparation and a direction of requests for registration in Rospatent, support of movement of requests,
3. Pre-judicial and judicial protection of author's rights and intellectual property.
• provision of legal safety of business:
1. Granting of complete electronic statements Inspection of Federal Tax Service on counterparts at registration of economic transactions,
2. Check of business reputation of juridical persons and businessman,
3. Check of reliability of physical persons (at employment).
• User's legal servicing on an individual approach to everyone: the complete complex; the consulting; consultations + official papers + project development of contracts.
• Complex accounting servicing of the enterprise
• Test accounting check
• accounting records Restoration